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The concept of the "Golden hour"

The concept of the "golden hour" is known in medicine, which indicates that it is of critical importance, for a person who has suffered adverse health complication, to be provided with expert medical care within the first hour of the occurance of a health problem. Although the concept of the "golden hour" is related to medicine, it can be said that it is relevant to all other spheres of life.

Indeed, a timely response can be one of the most important elements in preventing further escalation of a problem and a very important factor in saving people and their property. Therefore, it is no surprise that in all crisis there is a generally accepted view that suggests that the shorter the response time to an adverse event, the higher the degree of probability that such a sudden event will be overcome with milder consequences.


To whom the SOS device is intended?

When a sudden event requiring an emergency response occurs, every second counts. Indeed there are a number of situations in which SOS device can be extremely helpful and it is especially recommended to:

  • seniors living alone or spending much of their day alone
  • people who have chronic health problems, such as epilepsy, dementia, muscular disease, heart problems, etc.
  • persons at higher risk of falls (such as arthritis, Parkinson's disease, chronic dizziness)
  • people who enjoy extreme sports (mountain biking / hiking / skiing on extremely challenging terrains and slopes)
  • persons who perform certain activities independently (home care, porters, taxi drivers)
  • parents who want to make sure that their children are safe


What are the most important benefits of SOS devices?

SOS device provides a number of benefits to service users through:

  • the fastest possible response in the case of emergency situations requiring rapid action
  • ability to react 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • a sense of tranquility for both users and their loved ones
  • ease of use and multifunctionality of the device


How does the SOS device work?

  • By pressing the SOS button, the device automatically makes a call for help to the monitoring center staff and sends information about the current location of the user.
  • Upon receiving a call, the operator communicates directly with the user and determines the type of emergency. According to the type of urgency, the operator follows the predefined procedures.
  • The operator checks if someone has already reached the user who initiated the call for help.


Features of SOS device

  • quickly and easily sends a call for help to the monitoring center via the SOS button

  • establishing direct two-way communication with the monitoring center

  • crash detector (if the device detects a crash, the monitoring center staff is alerted)

  • sends signals of GPS location of the user

  • possibility of geo-zone determination (after the user exits the predefined geo-zone, monitoring center staff is alerted)

  • possibility of setting up a speed detector (if the user is moving at a speed higher than the predefined one, the monitoring center staff is alarmed)

  • possibility of setting up a motion detector (if the device is idle continuously for a predetermined period of time, the monitoring center staff will be alarmed)

  • IPX5 waterproof - resistant to more severe waterlogging

  • long lasting battery - in standard mode the battery lasts about 5 days

  • alerting users when the battery drops below 20% occupancy

  • weight of only 35g

  • Easy system assembly and autonomy up to 24 hours


Monitoring center

In our daily work, our company relies on the Class A1 Certified Monitoring Center - which is also the highest possible level of classification that a monitoring center can obtain in the Republic of Serbia.

The monitoring center we have is one of the most sophisticated in the country, and combined with trained staff with years of experience in emergency alarms, enables us to provide a standard of high quality service to all our clients:

  • 24 hours a day
  • 7 days a week
  • 365 days a year

Preparing the SOS device for usage

After purchasing the SOS device, all you have to do is to press the SOS button and establish direct communication with our monitoring center staff. During that conversation, the staff will perform initial setup and testing of your SOS device. On that occasion, our staff will familiarize you with all aspects of the service, indicate the most important elements of the contract, define the duration of the contract and of course, answer any questions you may have. After that conversation, your SOS device will be ready for further use.

What packages can we offer you?

  • Sos 12

    • GPRS technology
    • 1 SOS button system
    • 12-month contract
    2500 (monthly)
  • Sos 24

    • GPRS technology
    • 1 SOS button system
    •  24-month contract
    2000 (monthly)
  • Sos 36

    • GPRS technology
    • 1 SOS button system
    • 36-month contract
    1500 (monthly)


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